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Aberdeen Black Angus 98.9% Beef Burgers 2 x 200g each

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If you haven’t tried this amazing steak burger, then you haven’t lived. Bursting with juices and tender steak. Neutral steak seasoning in a top secret recipe makes it a touch of pure class to grace any bun or BBQ.

Aberdeen Angus Steak Burger range is handmade in our Aberdeen butchery using the best dry aged beef sourced from our local Aberdeenshire area. Our burgers are always 100% Aberdeen Angus Beef with the best of seasonings.

No added bread crumbs or rusks as we want you to experience what a top end steak burger should be. We pride ourselves on our hand made burger range and our customers will definitely back us up on that.

The final outcome is a premium steak burger with little effort in eating, falling apart when you bite into it.